Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make your own Zip Corsage!

Many high street shops are currently selling them at approximately €15 a pop! Well now you can make your own for only the price of two zips!
*Unzip the zips and cut the fastenings off so that you have four pieces.
*Coil one piece around itself to form a tight spiral.
*Secure the outside end to the other layers with a few stitches.
*Take another piece and concertina it to form loops. Loop the end round so that it finishes in a circle and stitch through the layers to hold in place.
*Repeat with the other pieces then stitch them all together to form a rosette.
*Stitch the coiled zip in the centre as shown.
*Sew a safety pin or brooch fastening on to the back and use to vamp up a handbag, a headband, or anything you fancy!