Saturday, September 12, 2009

Craft Demonstrations at Hickey's, Henry St, Dublin!

Hickeys on Henry Street, Dublin 1 have craft demonstrations planned as follows:

Wed 16/09/09 - Session on beaded embroidery
Wed 30/09/09 - How to make a "Trick or Treat" bag for Hallowe'en
Wed 28/10/09 - Demonstration in Christmas Craft
Wed 11/11/09 - Demonstration in Christmas Craft
Wed 02/12/09 - Learn how to make a Vintage Bag

All take place at both 11:00hrs and 12:00hrs on each date listed. I'll be applying for leave from work to attend :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jimmy Choo meets Donegal Tweed!

Check these babies out!!!

Jimmy Choo has teamed up with Donegal Tweed to create these fab fab fab boots, which are available exclusively to Brown Thomas.

I could see both of these beuaties taking pride of place in my autumn/ winter wardrobe and even better is the fact that 25% of the proceeds of each sale will go to Irish Autism Action !

The Twillen €795
The Breidin €825

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That's brightened up my day!

Well I've been away for some time now thanks to my "lovely" sinus :(

Seeing that I got a mention on the front page of has brightened up my evening though!!! :):):)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make your own Zip Corsage!

Many high street shops are currently selling them at approximately €15 a pop! Well now you can make your own for only the price of two zips!
*Unzip the zips and cut the fastenings off so that you have four pieces.
*Coil one piece around itself to form a tight spiral.
*Secure the outside end to the other layers with a few stitches.
*Take another piece and concertina it to form loops. Loop the end round so that it finishes in a circle and stitch through the layers to hold in place.
*Repeat with the other pieces then stitch them all together to form a rosette.
*Stitch the coiled zip in the centre as shown.
*Sew a safety pin or brooch fastening on to the back and use to vamp up a handbag, a headband, or anything you fancy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Penneys/ Primark Autumn Winter Collection 09!

Oh yes, I'm loving Penneys (known as Primark outside of √Čire) and their autumn/ winter 09 collection does not disappoint!

Some of the items are already available in their store on Dublin's Henry Street, others aren't expected until nearer September! So clear some closet space ladies, you've been warned!!!
I need that fur coat in my life!!!! (Priced at GBP£30!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bib Necklace - my first attempt :-)

True to my word I headed into the local trimming shop this morning and purchased some glittery black felt and those cute little flower shaped sequins/ diamontes! Modelling it on the Penney's version, above is a quick pic of my first attempt at the "Bib" necklace!!! What do you think? I can't believe how easy it was to make! The flower embellishments are actually for card crafting but with little craft glue they worked a treat!
Think I'll be out hunting for more quirky little gems tomorrow and get to work on producing some more with the copious amount of felt I purchased today. I know it's probably cheaper to buy the flet online but I just couldn't wait the obligatory 3-7 days for the felt to arrive; I just had to get crafty today!
Watch this space for more necklaces!!!!
Rain, rain go away, I want to wear the necklace I made today ;-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Recession Fashion!

I've been wearing the above necklace for a while now and it's been getting rave reviews (€5 at a Penneys near you, or £3 in your local Primark).

It looks like the "bib" necklace is here to stay for a while yet, and seeing as how Penneys/ Primark's takings are sky rocketing through this recession I've decided to give it a go at making my own :)

Craftystylish have posted an excellent tutorial for those of you interested in having a go at making your own; "How to make a sewn necklace" produced the fab necklace above.

I'll be off to the local supply shops tomorrow to be stocking up on the organza/ felt and ribbons, and searching the sale bins in the old reliable high street stores for any disguarded kaftans etc which I will plunder for their gemstones (cheaper than buying them in trimming shops)!

The necklace above is by Ranjana Khan and retails at $1,200 - need I say more!?!?!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Embellishment your way through the recession!

Ok so we can no longer afford the mountains of clothing we once purchased during those blissful Celtic Tiger days :( But there is nothing stopping us from getting creative with what we already have!!!!
Check out Textile Workshop course that will be running in Pearse Museum, Rathfarnham on Sarurday and Sunday 25/26th July. This course promises to help you create your own bespoke patterns and prints as well as giving you the skills to embellish and produce beautiful homewares, fashion items etc!!!

If, like me, you can only afford either the materials check out these:

Anyone got any good tips or links please please send them on!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Beading Excited!

Good news for all you avid beaders living/ visiting in/ around Dublin city centre!

Today I visited the shop that is beading heaven to me, Yellow Brick Road on Bachelors Walk, to buy some essentials (and non essentials of course!). Pleasant and helphelp staff (as always) wrapped by purchases for me and off I went. When I got home and unwrapped the shiny containers of new beads I also found a little note placed inside advising:

"Free for all! Let's get creative! - Got an unfinished project? Want to chat, bead and be inspired? Want an afternoon's peace to bead in our specially designed studio? We have the answer! The Yellow Brick Road is excited to annouce every Thursday is free for all! Everyone is invited to come along at any stage during the day to get creative with Stacey, all welcome to enjoy a few hours beading, discussing, experimentsing with trends, styles, design and colour! Every Thursday from 28th May!"

Guess who'll be putting in for some leave over the coming weeks to avail of this fab off????

Hope to meet some of you there?!?!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oooh Jimmy Choo!

My days of hankering after a pair of Jimmy Choo's may be over soon (even though I may not be able to actually walk or stand in them)! H&M are collaborating with the infamous cobblers on an Autum/ Winter '09 collection and are bringing what promises to be a fantastic range of accessories, shoes and handbags to a store near you on 14th November!

Prices are rumoured to range from £30 for a pair of pumps to £170 for a pair of sky-scrappers! I may start working on my balance and get my sleeping bag ready to camp out the night before they go on sale!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm in Shoe Heaven....

I thought I had died and gone to Shoe Heaven when I came across Frollein Von Sofa's blog... Having already admitted to being a shopaholic, I must now confess to being a shoe-addict! Just looking at/ trying on and ultimately buying shoes (irrespective of how unsuitable they may be) gives me such a rush!!! I doubt very much that I am on my own in that respect...

This has to be a portrait of me in my "walk in shoe closet" (yeah, well it will be when I win the lotto and get me some highlights - I already have the shoes ;))
Only, if only I could walk in shoes of this height....
Oh and after spending yesterday morning trying on fascinators (for the first time!) these babys are well worth a glance...Isn't the mannequin just the cutest!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Blooming Marvelous!

Then check this website out:

Blooming Felt has some cool kits and excellent inspiration, not to mention great prices!

This buttons are on my wish list...

This craft kit is so cute!

Follow Sarah's blog

Does the "A" in "A Rubanesque" Stand for Aladdins Cave?

A. Rubanesque Ltd on South Wiiliam Street, Dublin 2 is an Aladdins Cave of all things haberdashery!!!! From ribbons to buttons, lace to embelishments and not forgetting embroidery skeins, this place has it all!

A recent visit saw me buy some beautiful metallic skeins and some dinky embelishments and I'm planning a visit soon so I can check out their latest delivery of Japanese fabric and ribbon delivery!
Although you can't yet purchase online, you can still keep up to date with the latest deliveries etc on checking out :
A visit is a definite must...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The first felt brooches...

Having received the excellent felt shapes from Carefree Glimmer, I had my first go at sewing and making some brooches...

Beading my little heart out...

What a week! The fine weather had me totally enthralled and I spent many happy hours beading/ felting outdoors! If only the good weather could last forever, right now the heavens are pouring again.

Here's a few pics of my latest efforts. I would love your comments as I'm considering selling some similar items. Of course I will endeavour to pass on any beading patterns that might take your fancy if you leave me a comment!

This is a close up pic for those of you who contacted me wanted to know/ see more of the first cellini spiral I posted earlier:

Having so many sundresses to wear I decided to make a couple of pairs of gold earrings to match them!

And of course a couple of necklaces/ bracelets to match!

Spiral weave:

And my favourite 3 colours gold!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Feel like felting?

Oh how I skipped up the road from work this evening with the knowledge that there was a delightful parcel from the US of A waiting for me!

I recently ordered some "create your own felt flowers" from a wonderful vendor "Carefree Gimmer" ( and oh what a great purchase! I've been sitting out the back basking in the sun and sewing to my hearts content! No needle-prick injuries sustained hurray ;)

Tomorrow I'm off to get me some embroidery thread and really go to tow with my latest brooches! I promise to be brave and post the pics of the final products.

Many thanks again to Carefree Glimmer. The site just has to be visited as it contains lots of very reasonable and high quality items. It really touched my heart to read that this amazing lady creates all the wonderful craft items to help her family between visits to various medical appointments as her daughter was born with serious health conditions. I am in total awe of this woman's courage and strength...

Let's hope my finished products look as good as these...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahoy There Mateys (quite a sad title really)

This June Bank Holiday weekend sees the return of the Maritime Festival in Dublin's Docklands (at IFSC)!!! Hip-hip-horray!!! It was such a great day out last year.

It's not only for lovers of all things maritime, it boasts over 80 stalls selling everything from craft stalls (more great jewellery inspiration for me) to food stalls (oh check out the "Dutch Cookie Man" macaroons) and not forgetting the gardening section that was there last year! I'm drooling thinking of the delicious homemade Italian nougat wedges I chomped my way through last year, yum! - It's probably the biggest outdoor market there is in Dublin and there is nothing "car-boot-esque" about it!

While you browse/ eat your way through the stalls there are many musicians to keep your ears entertained.

It's not just about shopping and dining... The Majestic Tall Ships will be quay-side and open for visits. And I just cannot forget to mention the presence of the Irish Navy vessel the L.E. Aoife!!!

All in all it really does promise to be a great day out for all. Lets hope the good weather holds out ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

That Crafty Little Fish

I want to pay homage to my fav blog of the moment - That Crafty Little Fish - what a great "Crafter"!!!!

Kirsty is a UK based designer/ maker/ retailer and I want her talents... I also love to browse her shop on Folksy and am mesmerized by her colourful buttons, bunting, fabic etc. I am lusting after the Matroyshka cotton fabric - needing some inspiration for what I could do with it so as to justify buying it - not like I need much justification to buy anything these days (lol)!

And as I am about to embark on a sewing spree (I can visualise the chaos and stabbed fingers already lol), I think I may very well just have to invest in one of these cute little pin pots! I ain't called a Shopaholic for nothing you know!

National Craft & Design Fair 2009

For those of you who are interested, you'll be pleased to know that the National Craft & Design Fair 2009 will be taking place in to RDS from 2nd to 6th of December inclusive. I for one will be attending, I believe it was a great outting last year!!!!

Given that I haven't even gotten around to taking pics of my "creations" I doubt very much that I'll be exhibiting (lol). I'm not brave enough to display my wares at the moment, hard enough to get the courage to post them here...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back from the brink!

It feels like so long sine I was last on here :(

Firstly I did my shoulder in so I've been laid up for a while; I'm on the mend so I can get back to beading. The "injury" did not however stop me from partaking in my second fav hobby - shopping!
I visited M&S in both Henry & Grafton streets over the past few days with a fair few bob tucked into my cut-offs (fab weather eh?) only to be extremely disappointed by the allegedly promising Zandra Rhodes "collection". I would have been better off staying home - they have absolutely shoite pieces in both shops. Not even the scarves caught my interest :( I had my heart set on a fab jumpsuit and had it's first outting planned and all.

Pennys however still came up trumps as did Zara & Topshop!!! All in all I still managed to become parted from my cash :) I'd rather give it to the ailing economy (especially through the form of Penneys) and actually have somethng to show for it (i.e. more clothing and jewellery than one can shake a stick at) than giving those feckers in Kildare Street another percentage of my income!!! I don't know about you but I feel like I'm only one step away from handing over my ATM card to Mr Lenihan... Hope none of them are reading this and get any ideas ;)

Anyways - tomorrow should see the start of me actually getting some help with my (lack of) photography skills and perhaps I can post some of my "creations" and purchases alike on my blog!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Back From Beading

Just finished my first Cellini Spiral!!!!

Soz that the pic ain't too great :( I must learn how to take decent photos :)

It took a long time and a large chunk of my bead stash but I think it was worth it. I am so looking forward to wearing it so lets hope the fine weather keeps up so that I can cast aside the scarf and bare the bling!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another rainy night in Dublin....

Just as well I bought a shed load of beads last weekend!!!
Now all I need is inspiration :)

Zandra Rhodes does M&S

This could be a match made in heaven... It's her quirkiness that I love and their low range prices I adore.

Here's looking forward to a great capsule collection! Bagsey the trousers in the top pic!
To hit stores 9th May!!!