Monday, April 27, 2009

Another rainy night in Dublin....

Just as well I bought a shed load of beads last weekend!!!
Now all I need is inspiration :)

Zandra Rhodes does M&S

This could be a match made in heaven... It's her quirkiness that I love and their low range prices I adore.

Here's looking forward to a great capsule collection! Bagsey the trousers in the top pic!
To hit stores 9th May!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ths shopaholic is about to sin...

Ok, so it's becoming apparent that I like to shop :-) Well, the planned highlight of this coming weekend for me will be the "Pop Up Boutique" which is due to take place from 25th April - Ground Floor, Film Base, Curved Street, Temple Bar.

Crafty Market!

As I've only rcently moved back to Dublin I'm not too familiar with what craft markets there are and when they are on and I was very disappointed to see the poor turnout of vendors at my local "farmers market" (innercity).

Anyways... I've come across what is hoped to be one of the best craft markets this city has seen since Mother Redcaps (a market I so, so, so miss) - The Crafty Market (, which is also home to the Dublin Food Co-op ( It's taking place from 11am on 3rd May 09 and the best bit is that it's indoors so no need to bring a brolly!

Located near St.Patrick's Cathedral I will definitely be visiting, both to support fellow crafters (with cash of course!) and to pluck up the courage to perhaps selling some of my own stuff.

Anyone with any further info on similar markets please do pass on the details; I do love to shop shop shop!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My first bead stringing effort...

Below is a (cr*p) picture of the first necklace I made... It was made from a regular string of pearls which I strung onto straight hooks and hung from beading wires.

I made it to match a 60's dress as I could only find bog-standard strings of pearls and wanted something a little different!!!

I promise to capture this item when displayed correctly. Anyone know where I can get my hands on some decent looking display stands/ busts? Can only find cardboard looking items on ebay :(

I love to bead...

People have different ways to relax, for me it's beading... Beading after breakfast, on the train, after brunch and before bed!!!

With money being tight and most high street stores churning out masses of jewellery items (none might I add ever seem to match what I wanna wear) what better way to save money and get unique pieces!

I'm attempting to find proper displays to show what I have done so please bear with me. I would so love your comments!!!! I suppose it would help too if I could actually take a decent photo :)