Friday, April 23, 2010

A Glowing Reference

According to infamous postman Michael Gallagher of Glenfin, Donegal, we are in for a scorcher of a summer (well a few decent days anyway). I, for one, am planning on making the most of the balmy evenings al fresco, minus the potentially lethal trailing cables of fairy lights etc, so I've splashed out on the most magical of candles - Glowglobes!

These fantastic creations are the brainchild of Larry Kinsella of Moth To A Flame, which is based in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

They come in a whole array of sizes and colours and are very reasonably priced and look amazing both lit and unlit. So far we've tried them indoors and we were wow-wow-wowedm - so we can't wait to get them outdoors!!! I reckon they will last a long time as it appears that the candle inside can be replaced once it's burned down (the candle which is lit is removabe from the bottom half of the "shell").

Glowglobe - Unlit

Glowglobe - Lighting

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