Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Penneys/ Primark SS2010

Don't you just love it when you accidentally fall upon something of real interest??? Well I was chuffed to come acros the following images of "soon to hit our shops" items for Penneys/ Primark!!! :)

I'm loving this combo!
This blazer is available already
(I saw it while out "browsing" today - shock horror I actually bought NOTHING!!!)
Is it just me of is the "full demin" look just rank?
Thankfully I managed not to thrown out last summer's demin waistcoat :)
So glad I didn't listen to the little voices at the beginning of AW 2009 that said
"You will have to cull those three double wardrobes of yours!"
I sooooooooo wish I could pull this look off...
This item is also currently available
(from Penney's of Henry St, Dublin)
Happy shopping at Penney's/ Primark!
I'm looking forward to finding more tasty little buys :)

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